Application Modernization Workshop at Google Madrid

Leveling Up with Google Cloud Orbit

As a firm believer in the power of continuous learning, I’m always seeking ways to expand my knowledge and stay abreast of the latest advancements in the field. The drive to keep learning and growing is what makes the tech industry so dynamic and exciting. Recently, I had the fantastic opportunity to attend the “Application Modernization” workshop, the 4th installment of Google Cloud’s “Cloud Orbit” program. This series, designed for developers, cloud architects, and other tech specialists, offers a brilliant chance to dive deep into various Google Cloud Platform (GCP) solutions.

The App Modernization Journey

The workshop provided a comprehensive exploration of the application modernization process, a journey that many businesses are undertaking today. We started by exploring the key motivators behind modernization, like the desire for greater agility, the need to adapt to changing customer demands, and the potential for cost optimization. After establishing the ‘why’ , we delved into these crucial topics:

  • Kubernetes (GKE & GKE Enterprise): Mastering container orchestration is essential for efficient management of modern, cloud-native applications. The session provided valuable insights into Google’s Kubernetes Engine and its enterprise-grade counterpart.
  • Serverless (Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, Eventarc): Serverless computing is revolutionizing the way applications are built and operated. We discussed how serverless architectures with Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, and Eventarc can help reduce operational overhead while promoting rapid scalability.
  • Developer Experience + DuetAI for Dev: A key focus of the workshop was on streamlining the development process and making developers’ lives easier. We saw demonstrations of how AI tools like DuetAI can be integrated to suggest code completions, improve code quality, and even help with debugging.
  • Business Application Platform + DuetAI for Apigee: Modernizing business applications often means building robust, scalable platforms that can handle a growing volume of data and requests. The insights on how the Business Application Platform integrates with Apigee for API management, particularly with the AI-powered capabilities, were fascinating.
  • Firebase: For web and mobile development, Firebase offers a fantastic suite of tools. It was interesting to explore how it can streamline frontend and backend development efforts.
  • App Ops SRE (Logging & Monitoring + DuetAI Logging): Modern applications, especially in distributed environments, require robust monitoring and logging solutions. The instructors showcased how to ensure application reliability, and how DuetAI can enhance observability.

Expert Insights and Engaging Activities

The workshop instructors, Luis Cuellar, Ana Lopez-Mancisidor, Joan Bonilla Lopez, and Cristabel Talavera, were incredibly knowledgeable. They didn’t just present but clearly explained complex concepts and real-world applications. Their enthusiasm was contagious!

As with many Google Cloud events, we ended the workshop with an exciting Kahoot! game, a fun way to reinforce the concepts we’d learned. Congratulations to the winners who took home some well-deserved Google Home Minis and Chromecasts!

Beyond Technology: The Human Connection

I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to Paola Barcenas for the invitation to this fantastic event. Paola and I connected a few months ago when I needed authorization for Nvidia GPUs on Google Cloud. This community aspect of the tech world, with helpful and supportive individuals like Paola, is truly invaluable.

The Future is Cloud-Native: My Takeaways

The Application Modernization workshop has significantly broadened my perspective in several key areas:

  • The Power of Modernization: Adopting modern architectures and technologies can transform legacy applications, unlocking agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness
  • Kubernetes Mastery: Understanding Kubernetes is indispensable for effective containerized application management in cloud environments.
  • Embracing Serverless: The benefits of serverless computing for flexible and efficient applications are increasingly clear.
  • AI-Driven Development: Integrating AI tools like DuetAI throughout the development and operations lifecycle holds immense potential.

This insightful workshop has fueled my drive to continue exploring and implementing the latest cloud technologies. It serves as a reminder of the incredible innovation happening in the cloud space and motivates me to continuously refine my skills. I highly recommend the Google Cloud Orbit program to anyone looking to take their GCP expertise to the next level.


What is Google Cloud Orbit?

Google Cloud Orbit is a series of workshops for developers and tech professionals to gain expertise in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) solutions.

Why is application modernization important?

Modernization improves agility, scalability, cost-efficiency, and allows businesses to better meet changing customer needs.

How does AI play a role in GCP development?

Tools like DuetAI assist developers throughout the process by suggesting code, debugging, and improving observability.

Who should attend Google Cloud Orbit workshops?

Developers, cloud architects, data engineers, and other tech professionals with some existing GCP knowledge will benefit most.

What are the benefits of using Kubernetes?

Kubernetes provides efficient container orchestration, making it easier to manage and scale cloud-native applications.

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